Mister Goshawk

I wrote this song after being inspired by a short story that was written by a friend that I really loved.  I thought the concept showed a lot of promise and hence decided to write a song about it just for fun.  I decided to change a few things a bit, while still keeping the […]

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He had hurt her, abused, manipulated and taken advantage of her.  Her, Molly, his angel and the most recent of the only two girls he had ever loved.  An innocent young girl who had endured too much in her relatively short life already, only to have some piece of shit take advantage of her vulnerabilities […]

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Di, make ya die

The Elvis Presley song Hound dog played on the stereo as she drove through the night singing along and tapping the steering wheel in time to the music. Di was her name and making people die was her game, as she often said to herself, which always made her chuckle. It wasn’t always like this, […]

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Speed Demon Road Rage

The tires screeched as the car came flying around the corner, drifting out across the road into the next lane as it took the corner at high speed.  In the passenger seat Annie, who was known to everyone as Pearl tightened her grip on the sides of her seat, grasping for a firm grip on […]

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This blog entry is something a little different, in that its not related to my fictional works in any way. It is a random collection of my thoughts, musings and lessons I have learned in life during the course of the 28 years I have been on this planet. It is the first entry in […]

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June 7th 1980, my name is Samuel Napier, I sit here writing this journal as a recollection of the events of the past several years, although to be honest I am having trouble on where to start. Several years ago my life was altered forever with the discovery of a suitcase belonging to my grandfather […]

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Messiah: (Vol.I, No.3)

New York City, the sprawling metropolis of the 21st century has grown into a colossal behemoth that stretches for hundreds of kilometres and towers some ten kilometres into the sky. The cities of the eastern seaboard of the former United States of America have grown into one gargantuan mega-city ruled by an entity known only […]

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